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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Shared writing


We are learning about how to be safe in and around the water. Yesterday we watched a short educational cartoon with Timon and Pumbaa about being Water wise.  Following the clip the children worked in pairs to brainstorm rules for water safety. Their rules have been made into a manual , which now sits on our classroom wall.

Shared writing

In writing today the children worked in small groups and took turns sharing the pen to write their message.They really enjoyed this activity and it was a good exercise to see how well they could work together. I asked them to each write a sentence about what they enjoyed at school this week.

Here's what they said...

"I enjoyed the art" by Jay
" I enjoyed swimming" by Maia
"I enjoyed learning" by Brooklyn
"I enjoyed art" by Hilton

"I enjoyed swimming" by Will
"I like playing games" by Kaleb
"I like playing in the sand" by Caleb
"I like art" by Bella

" I enjoyed this week going swimming" by Sophie
"I liked the tally marks" by Matthew
" I liked playing the maths games" by Jayden

" I enjoyed the art" by Joshua
"I enjoyed swimming " by Lydia
" I enjoyed doing the fish" by Natala
"I enjoyed the tally marks" by Hannah

"I enjoyed art" by Mikayla
"I enjoyed doing maths" by Jayda
"I enjoyed the BBQ" by Austin
"I enjoyed the art"by Lily

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