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Sunday, April 26, 2015



We had an action packed first week back into the term.  We have begun Te Reo Kori and the children are currently involved in waiata.

We have been studying the ANZACs.  On Thursday, the children were involved in an ANZAC activity day with rooms 1 and 7.  They made ANZAC biscuits, packaging for their biscuits and poppy wreaths.  The children each made two biscuits, one for themselves and for the elderly in Feilding. The children wrote a special message on the packaging, in remembrance of the soldiers that died and the biscuits were delivered to the elderly later that day.

On Friday we had some special visitors to Halcombe school.  A few soldiers from Linton army camp came out in army trucks to talk to us. The children were allowed to climb inside the trucks, they had plenty of questions to ask the soldiers!  

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