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Sunday, August 16, 2015



We finished off our forces and motion unit with an experiment on balloon rockets.  The children had a lot of fun making and vdeoing them.  Several balloons popped during the experiment but everybody got to have a turn launching them across the classroom.  We had some great discussions about the force and friction and afterwards the children produced some wonderful writing.  Here are a few of them...

 “What are you doing?” We all asked Mrs Buckley.  Mrs Buckley replied, “you’ll see when I’m done.”  While we waited we listened to a book.  Afterwards we saw what she was doing. Yay I whispered in my head as Mrs Buckley said we were doing an experiment.  We needed string, a straw and a balloon and 2 chairs. We got to do it on our own. I had to get Mrs Buckley to blow up the balloon.  I taped it to the straw.  Zoom off it went.  Air popped out of the balloon and it made a weird sound.
 By Maia

POP! Mrs Buckley popped the balloon.  Me and Austin grabbed two chairs.  It was very hard for Austin to blow the balloon up.  “3,2,1” the class shouted.  ZOOM the balloon was flying across the classroom like a jet.  Mrs Buckley put some soap on the string and there was less friction.
 By Caleb

BOOM! The balloon rockets zoomed across the classroom.  Mrs Buckley put some slippery slimy soap on the string, what happened?  Just guess… okay I’ll tell you.  When Mrs Buckley put some soap on the string the balloon went POP! It exploded, so Mrs Buckley had to get another balloon.  “PHEW!” Mrs Buckley said as she blew as hard as she could.  Then she was done. “Yay,” we said and then WHOOSH…the balloon hit the chair.  It was a good experiment.  The soap caused less friction and made the balloon go faster on the line.
 By Jayda

ZOOM went the balloon.  It went fast.  We put on the soap to make it go faster.  Then we fired it to check if it made it.
By Ngakau

BOOM! The balloon disintegrated.  The balloon popped twice as soon as the balloon got blown up.  We got to have a turn each.  We cello taped the balloon to the rocket.  It went along the line.  It was fun.
By Hilton

How to make balloon rockets.
You will need a balloon and some string and some cello tape, half a straw and two chairs.
step 1:
Tie the end of the string onto one of the chairs.
step 2:
Thread the straw onto the string like a bed then tie the other end to the other chair. 
Step 3:
Blow up the balloon and cello tape the balloon onto the straw but hold the end of the balloon. 
Then count down, then put some soap on and let the balloon go.

It zooms across and stops with a whoosh.  Be careful they can pop! My favourite part was when I let the balloon go.  Kaleb said in a funny voice,  “I couldn’t get that oops.” I videoed him talking funny.  We laughed.
By Jay

Today at school we did balloon rockets.  We blew up balloons, we tied the string onto two chairs… but the balloon popped. They were fast as a swordfish darting through the waves.  BANG! It crashed.  Then I took videos as the others did theirs.  I also took some pictures as well.  They sounded like a volcano erupting.  The air is pushing the rocket along the rope.  When it was my turn it sounded like an egg cracked.
By Will

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