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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Our Awesome Beach Trip

Beach Day Out

What an amazing day.  We all had so much fun from the moment we got on the bus.  When we arrived we played different beach activities in our teams.  We had a fun paddle in the sea. Some of us got very wet but we didn't mind because it was a hot day.  After lunch we did an activity in our class groups.  Room one made the most magnificent sandcastle.  It had about 12 bridges, but who's counting! We packed up, brushed off the sand and made our way back into the bus.  The journey home was a lot quieter as some of us fell asleep.


  1. Looks like room 1 had heaps of fun as well. I think everybody was glad that we could paddle in the water.

  2. What an awesome day that was hope you had fun room one! What was your favorite part?