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Saturday, March 19, 2016


Dino Art

We have started our unit on Dinosaurs and the children are so engaged. We brainstormed what we already know and came up with questions about things we would like to learn.  We are reading books about Dinosaurs and researching information from kid friendly websites, some of these are on our Blog.

On Friday we did some dinosaur art.  The children used pastel and dye to produce some dazzling dinosaurs, these are displayed in the classroom so stomp on in and take a look!
Also we learned how to sketch a T Rex, here are some pictures of their wonderful art!


  1. Wow! your art looks good

  2. I really like your cool dinosaur art. It is really creative

  3. I really like your dinosaurs they look really sceary

  4. Love your dinosaurs. They look furious.