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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Buddy Class

Fun with Room 5

On Thursday afternoon  we had a blast with our big buddies in room 5. We have been learning about directions in maths, so we put it to test in a game of blindfold trust.  Our big buddies gave us directions and we had to move forward, backwards, left and right.  We are pretty good at our left and rights now!
Afterwards we had a game of dodgeball.
Thanks room 5.



  1. Buddy class looked reaaaaaaly fun room 1. I wish I could have joned in too! I hope you enjoyed it.

  2. Omg room 1 looks like you really trust each other, good work!

  3. I had so much fun doing the trust challenge blind folded. I fell over a couple of times but I was OK! Room 1 you did so well. My buddy was not scared a single bit.
    Well Done!!

  4. Your buddy class looked really fun!