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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Meet our Class Pet


We had such an exciting morning on Tuesday because it was our first day with our class pet.  Fluffy is a ginger and white, long haired male guinea pig and he is so cute. The children learnt how to handle him correctly and as a class we worked out the rules and feeding and cleaning roster. We had lots of cuddle time with Fluffy that day.  He looked terrified and didn't move much but the following day he seemed use to the hustle and bustle of our classroom. The children all wrote wonderful descriptions of Fluffy, which you will find below.  Here are some photos as well. 

Our class pet

Fluffy’s eyes are red like fire flies flying around a jar.  He has a white patch above his head and very cute ears.  He has a good smile with a nose and it’s like a V and a line.


Our class pet

I like Fluffy because he used to not walk but the next day he walked and he ate a lot.  When we held him he ate some silverbeet.  I love him so much he is so fluffy and he is the third best guinea pig.

Our class pet

We have a class pet.  The class pet is a guinea pig.  Its name is Fluffy and its colour is like a caramel colour.  Its eyes are red.  It has a white stripe and it’s very cute.  It feels like a teddy bear.

Our class pet

We have a pet in the class.  It’s called Fluffy.  He is a man guinea pig.  We are going to get another guinea pig so Fluffy will have a buddy to play with.  Fluffy has sensitive ears so we have to be quiet.  Sometimes we have cuddle time (that means we cuddle Fluffy).  At the first day he was scared, he didn’t move a bone and he did not blink and did not eat.  The next day he was munching away.  Today is day three for Fluffy.  Fluffy likes to hide a lot. We made a castle for Fluffy out of a cardboard box.

Our class pet

Fluffy is new to the class and we have to be extra quiet so he’s not scared of us.  He is as fluffy as a bear.  He feels like a carpet in a ball.  He looks like a gingerbread man with a white button.

Our class pet

He looks like fluff and he has two colours.  He is cute.  He feels like a bed and he feels like dogs fur.  He is so cute and he has little toes and he has pink eyes.  He likes carrots and green grass and broccoli leaves too.  He likes to hide in hay and tunnels.

Our class pet

Fluffy is silky like my dog.  He likes to hide in the hay and under his food.  He is calm and really lovely to cuddle.

Our class pet

Fluffy is soft and silky like a cat. I see his fur is like fire.  The fur is silky and he likes carrots.

Our class pet

He likes to eat a lot of carrots.  Fluffy is a guinea pig he lives in our classroom.

Ben R

Our class pet

Fluffy can run very fast…  Fluffy is our class pet.  We all love Fluffy he is the best class pet ever.  He is cuddly.  Fluffy is golden colour and he has a white line.

Our class pet

Fluffy feels like a pillow and his eyes look like red flames.  His coat looks brown and on the top of his head is a white line.

Our class pet

Fluffy is soft like a pillow.  His claws are scratchy … He is cute and cuddly.

Our class pet
Room 1 have a guinea pig called Fluffy!  Fluffy is ginger and he has red eyes and he eats broccoli leaves… and oranges and silverbeet and chew toys.  He has two colours and long hair.  He is soft and he is like a teddy bear. He stays still sometimes and he has a white stripe.  Fluffy is a class pet.

Our class pet

He eats carrots.  It loves tons of hay.  His name is Fluffy.  He looks like a teddy bear.


Our class pet

He is really soft and he is cute.  He likes to eat a lot of broccoli leaves.  He can hear very well.  He’s my best friend.  He looks good and he is not scared of us anymore.  He is not allowed outside unless he gets a check-up from the vet.  He likes to hide in the hay and in his box and he doesn’t move a muscle if we scare him.  I like him lots and lots.  He likes his food because he likes to sleep a lot.  He has little paws and red eyeballs.  Now he has a tunnel to go through.


Our class pet

Yesterday we got Fluffy.  Fluffy is a guinea pig.  Yesterday Fluffy was scared.  He is a cute ginger with a white stripe on him.  He feels like he has long silky hair and he is fluffy, that is why we called him Fluffy, you cutie. He has shiny red eyes that gleam like buttons on a teddy bear.  He is light ginger with a happy smile.

Our class pet

Fluffy is very cute.  I like his fur he is very snuggly.  His eyes are pink and his eyes look like little pieces of glitter.  He likes to wander around and he is cuddly and soft like a blanket.  He is ginger and white.


Our class pet

Fluffy is cuddly and he is very fluffy and very soft like a pillow.  Fluffy likes to hide in the hay and when he is on the carpet he doesn’t move.


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  1. Fluffy looks really cute because hes really fluffy