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Thursday, March 15, 2018


What is eating our plants?

This week we ventured out into our vegetable garden to find that something had been eating our plants.  We decided we needed to do some investigating! We went out with magnifying glasses and the ipads to see what we could find.  We discovered little green bugs ( we think they are caterpillars) all over the leaves.  We took a few back to class for a closer look.  We  looked through a special microscope that projected onto the t.v so we could find out what they looked like up close.  Here is what we saw...

I see...
green and yellow
pointy things ( I think they are legs)
spiky stuff ( I think that's hair)
dots- black and white
green slimy stuff 
ripples on it's back
it wriggling
a stripe on it's back


  1. That looks fun room one

  2. That’s a bummer! Did you catch the culprit? I don’t think it’s caterpillars! (Could be though)