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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Identifying the problem and solution in a story

Problem and solution

In writing on Thursday we watched a short animated story on the literacy shed website. Bridges is a humorous story about a bear and moose who don't get along. The bridge is too narrow for the animals to pass .  If they worked  together they could get past, however they are both stubborn and refuse to sort it out. The raccoon and the rabbit solved the problem for them. The children really enjoyed the story and after watching it, they wrote some fabulous stories.
Here we are planning our writing. 

These are some  of our stories...

The bear the the moose couldn't get past each other.  The rabbit and raccoon tipped them off the bridge.
By Hannah

Once upon a time there was a moose and a bear, a raccoon and a rabbit.  The bear and moose were on the bridge and they were in each other's way and they had a big fight.  Then the raccoon and a rabbit came along and they made the bear and moose fall off the bridge.
By Caleb

The bear and moose couldn't get past each other. The raccoon came along.  The bear said to the moose " you should go back" and the moose said 'no".  The rabbit came along and the moose threw the rabbit. The rabbit and the raccoon cut the bridge and they solved the problem.
By Natala

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