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Friday, March 27, 2015



In science we are looking at how the Sun affects plants. We are working in 3  groups. Each group has a plant. One plant is in a sunny place, one in is the cupboard ( our shady spot) and one is on a table in our classroom (our in between spot).  We will be measuring our plants and observing any changes over the next week.  

Friday: Today we looked at shadows.  We learnt that shadows are made when we block the Sun's rays.  We took our sundials outside at 9 o'clock and marked the line where the shadow fell. We repeated this again at 12 and 2 pm.  Also we got into groups of 5 and one person was the shadow child. We drew an outline around them at 9am, 12 and 2pm.  
We made some interesting observations...

"the shadows are getting smaller"
" the shadows are moving to the side"
"our shadows have moved the same way as the clocks"

We had a discussion about the relationship between the Sun's position in the sky and the shadow length.
Great learning room 2!

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