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Thursday, August 23, 2018


Cartwheel Creamery

Today we had a visit from Mrs Walcroft from the Cartwheel creamery. She showed us pictures of how they make cheese.  "I didn't know that goats makes milk too," said Jayden.
"We learnt that they added other ingredients to the milk to turn it into cheese," said Lucas.
"They use molds to shape the cheese,"said Harry.
"I learnt that goats make white cheese and cows make yellow cheese," said Sean.
"They use a smaller tanker to collect the milk form the dairy farms," said Maisie.
"The milk is a liquid then it turns into a gel, then a solid," said Lucy.
"I learnt that there is live bacteria in cheese," said Stanleigh

Afterwards we got to taste the different cheeses...

"I loved the creamy cheese" said Taylor
"I found the white feta too salty," said Emily
"I ate it up in one gulp.  I love cheese," said James

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  1. It looks interesting and the cheese looks yummy.