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Friday, August 10, 2018

Learning all about milk

Dairy Farm Visit

Today Room's 1 and 2 went to the Bartlett's diary farm.  We got to pat the calves and help feed them.
"The calf licked my hand" said Brenna.
"The calf's fur was soft," said Mya
"The calf sucked my finger as I took him to the trough" said Lucas

Then we went inside the milking shed to see how the cows are milked.  We learnt lots of interesting facts...
"cows are milked twice a day" said Jamie
"they have 500 cows on their farm" said Lucas
"the tanker hold lots of litres of milk"  said Sean
"the milk goes into the tanker through a big pipe" said Jayden
The cows eat about 100 kilograms of grass a day.
Cows and calves need to drink a lot of water each day.

"we got to put the cups on the cows to milk them" said Lucy
"we ate ice cream and cheese and we drank flavoured milk," said Maisie
"we saw the food they feed to the cows," said Taylor
"it was fun to milk the cows," said Joseph

It was a great day and we had lots of fun.


  1. That looks like fun I wish I went with you because you would not haven to do schoolwork

  2. Milking the cows I gues it was so much fun I wish I came with you guys.